Articles by Timmy Del Rosario

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review

After knocking back a skaven warrior with my shield, I swing my axe around chopping his head off with one clean stroke. I turn around to see two of my friends starting to get overwhelmed with what seems to be an endless stream of humanoid rats, the Skaven. Two dozen of these rat-men poking, clawing,… View Article

Until Dawn Review

Until Dawn plays like those guilty pleasure 90’s era horror films filled with hormone filled teens and complete with every single horror movie trope and cliché you can think of, and it’s GREAT. You remember how in those horror movies, they hear a noise and they decide to check it out and you KNOW it’s… View Article

Bloodborne Review

“You Have Died” Words that have forever burned themselves on my TV screen and retinas. You will see these three words many many times during your playthrough of Bloodborne. Are you the kind of gamer that thinks games today are too easy? Too much hand-holding? Boss fights not challenging enough even at the highest difficulty levels?… View Article

The Order 1886 Review

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, The Order 1886 has amazing graphics and is probably the best looking game on consoles right now. With that being said, The Order 1886 is not without its downfalls. The game is set during an alternate reality of Victorian London during the year *hint hint* 1886. You are part… View Article

This War of Mine Review

Being a gamer my entire life, I have been exposed to a multitude of violence, questionable morality choices and gratuitous amounts of gore. Levels such as the controversial “No Russian” from Call of Duty where you slaughter innocent civilians drew no reaction from me. I consider myself apathetic when it comes to things like that… View Article

Anomaly 2 Review

Within the last few years, mobile gaming has seen a meteoric rise. With it came an influx of tower defense games, where you would build towers to fend off wave after wave of enemies. During this time, 11-Bit Studios decided to release Anomaly: Warzone Earth, the first tower OFFENSE game. This time, you control the… View Article

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Review

Over the last 12 months, Logitech Gaming has released 4 new gaming mice. The G602 wireless with its massive battery life, the G700s which is a refresh of the sturdy G700, the ultra-fast G402 Hyperion Fury, and the tunable G502 Proteus Core. Design and Features The G502 is a wired mouse that features 11 programmable buttons, attachable/detachable… View Article

PlayStation Vita TV Review

(Note from the editor: Due to our excitement to review the PS Vita TV, we neglected to take pictures of the actual unit we were lent by Sony Philippines and they’ve instead graciously provided us with the images you see in this review. We apologize to our readers for this misstep and we will endeavor to… View Article

Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection – July 2014

Another month has come and a new set of free games are now available for download for all Playstation Plus subscribers. The Instant Game Collection has been changed recently and it now offers 2 games free to its subscribers for each Playstation system — PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. Here are your free games… View Article

Destiny PS4 Alpha Test First Impressions

Over the past few days, Bungie had an early alpha test for their new game, Destiny. This early look at the highly anticipated game was exclusive to all PS4 users. After playing through the available content, here are my first impressions of the much anticipated game which is coming this September on the PS3, PS4,… View Article

Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs is exactly what you’ve been told — an open world game with hacking at its core. The game clearly draws its inspiration from games like Assassins Creed and GTA V but never does it surpass them. Watch Dogs is a great game no doubt, but it is not as polished as its forerunners. You… View Article

Why I’m Buying the Playstation 4

This is one part of a two-part feature on why we’re buying either of the next-gen consoles. You can check out our article for the Xbox One here. With the release of the next generation just a month away, the time to decide which side to take is just around the corner. Will you go… View Article