ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Review

We take a look at the new, affordable Cerberus gaming mouse and keyboard from ASUS to see just how much value the company has shoved into these new entry-level peripherals.

Cougar Launches 450 Series of Gaming Peripherals

Cougar has once again launched another set of new products into the gaming peripherals market. This time the company has launched a duo of products – the Cougar 450K Gaming Keyboard and the Cougar 450M Gaming Mouse. The 450K Gaming Keyboard is a hybrid mechanical keyboard that uses hybrid mechanical switches that, according to the company, give the same… View Article

Cougar Releases 550M Gaming Mouse Designed with Pro Gamers

Cougar, one of the world’s fastest growing gaming peripheral brands, has officially announced today the release of its latest product – the Cougar 550M gaming mouse. According to Cougar, the 550M was designed in collaboration with a number of international pro gaming teams with the goal of creating a gaming mouse that would fit every… View Article

Cougar Adds The 300M to Their Growing Roster of Gaming Mice

Cougar has added yet another mouse to their ever growing inventory of gaming mice and gaming peripherals in general. The 300M features a simple and conventional design with a braided USB cable which slightly reminds us of the old Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. The 300M comes in either Cougar’s standard orange and black or in a bright… View Article

ASUS ROG Gladius Optical Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Overview

Today, we unbox the ASUS ROG Gladius Optical Gaming Mouse and go over some of its features. We hope you like this video and please don’t forget to subscribe, give us a thumbs up, and let us know in the comments if there are any products you’d like us to feature. REVIEW: Subscribe:

ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse Review

When it comes to modern gaming mice, competing manufacturers usually try to one up each other by coming out with mice with ‘unique’ but ultimately unergonomic shapes, higher maximum DPI (dots-per-inch), more and more buttons, or features that, in some cases, seem unnecessary. Other manufacturers have gone on an alternative route by including customization features… View Article

Cougar Launches the 600M Gaming Mouse

Cougar has officially launched the 600M, the company’s latest and the third gaming mouse the company has released this year. The 600M sits just below the company’s award-winning 700m gaming mouse and is Cougar’s attempt to give gamers “state-of-the-art technology, all the features necessary to enhance the gaming experience and an aesthetically pleasing design.” The 600M features… View Article

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Review

Over the last 12 months, Logitech Gaming has released 4 new gaming mice. The G602 wireless with its massive battery life, the G700s which is a refresh of the sturdy G700, the ultra-fast G402 Hyperion Fury, and the tunable G502 Proteus Core. Design and Features The G502 is a wired mouse that features 11 programmable buttons, attachable/detachable… View Article