Changing the Way you MOBA — Strife Begins Its Open Beta

It’s been less than a year since S2 Games began inviting players from all over the world to join the Closed Beta test for Strife, its next-generation MOBA, and just last week Playweb Games and Level Up!, the Philippine publishers of Strife, announced the beginning of the game’s global Open Beta. If you haven’t heard… View Article

Shank Is The Latest Hero to Join The Trials of Strife (CBT Key Giveaway)

S2 Games have recently released Shank, the latest hero to join the roster of heroes available for gamers to play in Strife, the HoN developer’s next-generation MOBA game. Shank is a melee hero who excels at initiation and ganking, capable of pulling targets to him! Looking at his kit, Shank looks like a melee brawler… View Article

Strife Closed Beta Begins, Beta Key Giveaway

S2 Games, the developer of popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game Heroes of Newerth, has begun the closed beta for their 2nd generation MOBA – Strife. While Strife follows some of the basic mechanics of a MOBA, S2 Games have focused on mitigating some of the frustrating elements that have become common in the… View Article

League of Legends Freljord Trailer – Introduces Lissandra, The Ice Witch

Riot Games has released a trailer introducing the tribes of the Freljord and the latest League of Legends champion – Lissandra, the Ice Witch. Patch 3.6 of League of Legends presents not only Lissandra but also visual and gameplay reworks of both Sejuani and Trundle. The patch also introduces the Howling Abyss, a new map… View Article