The Dell XPS 13 Is a 13-inch Notebook in an 11-inch Body

At today’s Manila leg of the Dell Solutions Tour 2015, the company showed off the latest Dell XPS 13 laptop which features a 13-inch screen within a body meant for an 11-inch laptop. This innovative design gives it the recognition as the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world. The company is able to achieve this by using… View Article

ASUS ROG G Series G551 Gaming Laptop Now Available

During the recent launch of the ASUS T300 Chi, the company also announced the local availability of the ROG G Series G551 gaming laptop featuring the latest mobile Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA 900-series GeForce GTX graphics. The design of the G551 is pretty sleek and simple with its matte-black brushed aluminum finish and… View Article

ASUS Launches Stylish Transformer Book T300 Chi Hybrid Laptop-Tablet

ASUS has officially launched, at a recent press event, the Transformer Book T300 Chi into the Philippine market. The T300 Chi is the more powerful, current, and all-aluminum refresh of the original T300. Sporting a sleek and seamless all-aluminum unibody along with a 12.5-inch screen and the most current Intel Core M processor, the T300… View Article

Panasonic Announces AMD FirePro M5100-powered Toughbook CF-54 Notebook

If you work with videos like we do, a rig that’s specifically built for editing is a great help. Additionally, if you shoot and edit in places that are a bit ‘gadget unfriendly’ or if your just really really clumsy then a durable  laptop is a must. So Panasonic, in partnership with AMD, have released a new… View Article

Dell Lauches an Array of Business Ultrabooks and Laptops

Companies launching new laptops aren’t uncommon. With every new generation of hardware or technology companies always try to keep up by launching new systems on the regular. And yesterday Dell launched an effective total of 12 different systems – The Latitude 7000 series Ultrabooks, and the Latitude 5000 and 3000 series laptops. Each series comes… View Article