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Our 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

With the release of next-generation consoles, a whole slew of great games are set to come out this year. We’ve got a few reboots, a few sequels, and a ton of new IPs in the pipeline. We’ve followed many of these games and have come up with a list of our 10 most anticipated games… View Article

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cinematic

Square Enix has released the opening cinematic to the third and final installment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. The cinematic gives viewers a glimpse of the world of Nova Chrysalia and the city of Yusnaan. It also shows a confrontation between Lightning, monsters from Chaos, and her former ally, Snow. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set five… View Article

Datablitz Splinter Cell: Blacklist Pre-Order Details

Datablitz has recently opened pre-orders for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the sixth installment in the Splinter Cell franchise and the sequel of Splinter Cell: Conviction. The game is available for pre-order at Datablitz for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. No news yet on the PC and Wii U versions. Interested parties may pre-order the Standard… View Article

Razer Atrox Xbox 360 Arcade Stick pre-orders open May 21

Razer has announced that pre-orders for their Atrox Arcade Stick for the Xbox 360 will open on May 21. The Razer Atrox features Sanwa Denshi components including the buttons and the joystick and Razer has designed it with “modding enthusiasts” in mind making the internal components accessible with just a press of a button. The… View Article

Twitch App now available on Xbox 360

Microsoft has just released its own Twitch app for Xbox 360. Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers will be able to access the 300 most popular streams from Twitch. Users can browse through the top streams by popularity, individual games, or through the featured section of the dashboard for curated channels, tournaments and shows. Microsoft has also scheduled… View Article