Top 5 Locally Available Gaming Mouse for Left-Handed Gamers

When it comes to gaming mice, it’s hard to be a left-hander. Most high-end gaming mice, and even high-end mice in general, are ergonomically-shaped and designed specifically for right-handed gamers. Their shape, button layout, scroll wheel/s, and more are all designed for right-handers. This is because right-handed people compose of 90% of the world population…. View Article

MSI Updates Its Gaming Notebooks With Nvidia GeForce GTX 900M GPUs

MSI has announced at a recent press event that it’s releasing refreshed versions of its GT and GS series of gaming notebooks to now feature Nvidia’s latest GeForce GTX 900M graphics processors. Aside from Nvidia’s latest graphics chips, the updated laptops – specifically the GT72 Dominator Pro, the GS70 Stealth, and the GS60 Ghost –… View Article