Steelseries Launches Stratus+ Wireless Controller for Mobile Gaming

Steelseries has launched its new Stratus+ wireless controller, the latest iteration of its controller specifically designed for mobile gaming.

Some of the key features of the new Stratus+ include Bluetooth LE connectivity for Android and Chromebook devices, a 90-hour battery, a detachable slim-profile phone mount, ALPS analog thumbsticks, and Hall Effect magnetic triggers.

Here’s some more information on its features:

  • Console Experience? – Dominate on the go. Mobile gaming never felt so good, as the Stratus+ can easily pair and play Fortnite Mobile and all controller-supported Android games.?
  • Android + Chromebook Bluetooth LE Connectivity – Built to be the ideal solution for cloud gaming, gamers can seamlessly connect the Stratus+ controller to any Android™ mobile or Chromebook device with Bluetooth LE, or any Windows PC via USB connection.
  • High-Performance 90-Hour Rechargeable Battery – A built-in lithium-ion battery lasts up to 90 hours, and fast charging delivers 12 hours of gameplay on a mere 15-minute charge.
  • Slim-Profile Phone Mount – SteelSeries unique detachable slim phone mount adjusts to fit any Android™ phone quickly and easily for gaming anytime, anywhere.
  • ALPS Analog Thumbtacks – Designed to give maximum control, the ALPS analog thumbsticks feature clickable L3/R3 buttons for more input options across a wide variety of games. The control effect has been engineered for pinpoint 360° precision, whether carefully aiming or button mashing.
  • Precision Hall Effect Triggers – New Hall Effect magnetic sensors provide the perfect amount of force for the right feel and a lifetime of precision and consistent smoothness. The new trigger design allows for flawlessly smooth actuation from top to bottom.

The Steelseries Stratus+ is now available for an SRP of USD 69.99.