ASUS Z97-Pro Gamer Motherboard Review

ASUS is known for manufacturing some of the best motherboards in the market ranging from entry-level, affordable motherboards to high-end, over-the-top enthusiast boards. With the release of Intel’s Haswell-based chipsets, ASUS has released their wide array of Z97 motherboards which include the very affordable Z97-Pro Gamer motherboard which we used for our new gaming and… View Article

ASUS Launches Z170 Series Gaming Motherboards

ASUS has officially launched its new series of motherboards in the Philippines which features Intel’s latest Z170 chipset for their 6th generation Intel Core processors. The new motherboards include models for its high-end ROG series, mid-range Pro Gaming series, and their feature-rich Signature and TUF series. “With over 500 million motherboards sold, ASUS is the… View Article

ASUS Launches Pro Gamer Series Motherboards in the Philippines

ASUS, at one of the company’s recent Gamer’s Gatherings, has officially launched its latest Pro Gamer series of mid-range motherboards into the Philippine market. The new motherboards include the H97-Pro Gamer and B85-Pro Gamer for Intel users and the A88X-Gamer for AMD users. Both the H97-Pro Gamer and B85-Pro Gamer motherboards feature the company’s slew… View Article

Biostar Unveils Hi-Fi Z97WE Haswell-based Motherboard

Biostar has recently unveiled the Hi-Fi Z97WE, a new Haswell-based motherboard that comes with, among other things, the company’s in-house Hi-Fi audio features and support for dual Gigabit LAN. The Hi-Fi Z97WE is an ATX motherboard based on Intel’s Z97 chipset with support for Intel’s Socket 1150 Haswell processors and comes with Intel’s Smart Response… View Article