Major Nelson Gives a Few Xbox One Tips and Tricks in This Video Guide

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb a.k.a. Major Nelson has posted a video showing a few tips and tricks for maneuvering the Xbox One’s UI. He first shows a few functions for the Xbox One controller’s menu button including pinning/unpinning apps, party app privacy, and managing download queues. He also shows how the Xbox One Kinect’s “Xbox, Go… View Article

Microsoft Publishes Kinect Voice and Gesture Command Cheat Sheet

Microsoft has published a high resolution PDF version of the Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands List that was previously released and has included the Kinect’s Gesture Commands List as well. This version is printable so you can have it at your side anytime you forget a voice or gesture command you want to use. This… View Article

Microsoft Publishes Full List of Xbox One Voice Commands

Microsoft has published a list, in image format, of all the currently available Xbox One voice commands and their functions. The image also contains a short guide to calibrating your Kinect to your voice. The list is divided into categories such as Voice Shortcuts which includes turning the Xbox One on or off, using the… View Article

Microsoft Shows You Just How Fast You Can Redeem Codes on the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb posted a Vine video yesterday showing just how fast someone can redeem a code on the Xbox One using Kinect. It takes around 5 seconds from when he says the command to when the Xbox One accepts the code. It’s a good leap forward from having to manually type the… View Article

The Xbox One Reveal Summarized

Microsoft finally revealed their entry into the next generation console scene, the Xbox One, last May 21 at their Redmond headquarters. We live blogged the hour long event here. Microsoft introduced not only the new console but also its home entertainment capabilities as well. Sadly, not a lot of games were shown during the event… View Article