Kingston HyperX FURY 240GB SSD Review

SSDs (solid-state drives) have slowly become more and more mainstream in recent years. From a component that was only justifiably purchasable by hardcore enthusiasts or individuals with quite a bit of disposable income to becoming one of the first things most people consider when purchasing a system. This is mainly due to companies releasing more… View Article

Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866MHz Dual-channel RAM Review

In the past couple of years, Kingston has bolstered their inventory of HyperX gamer-centric products with the introduction of the FURY line of devices which include a new line of RAM, new SSD models, and even a USB flash drive. We got to try out a pair of the new FURY line of entry-level RAM… View Article

HyperX Adds USB Flash Drives Into Its FURY Product Line

It looks like Kingston is trying to bring more of its traditional products into the company’s┬áHyperX gaming products brand with the announcement of the FURY line of USB flash drives. The HyperX FURY USB flash drives feature the same design style of HyperX’s other FURY products and comes in three storage size and color variants… View Article

Kingston HyperX Releases FURY Line of Gaming and Enthusiast Memory

Kingston HyperX has announced the launch of their new HyperX FURY memory specifically designed for entry-level gamers and enthusiasts. The HyperX FURY memory modules feature automatic overclocking and an asymmetric heatspreader design. The memory modules automatically overclock to the current system’s allowable speed limit without the need to manually tinker with the system BIOS. The… View Article