Why I’m Buying the Xbox One

This is one part of a two-part feature on why we’re buying either of the next-gen consoles. You can check out our article for the Playstation 4 here.

As most gamers would know, the next generation of consoles – the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – is coming out next month. And while I’m sure a lot of individuals have already pre-ordered or reserved their console of choice, there are those who are still unsure about which to buy next month whether it’s because they plan to eventually purchase both but can only afford one next month or they only plan to ever buy only one.

As for me, I’ll be purchasing the Xbox One as my first next generation console and in this article I’ll be sharing how I arrived at that decision. So if you’re one of the people who are still on the fence about which console to buy next month and want some help deciding then I hope this article (and our article for the PS4) can assist you.


The number of platform exclusives has whittled down in the past few years as more and more games and franchises go multi-platform. While there are still a number of smaller exclusives (Kinect games), AAA exclusives are almost non-existent save for 1-2 franchises (Halo, Killzone, etc.). This has thinned the line separating both next-gen consoles but there are still a few exclusives that may convince someone to buy either or even both of the consoles.

For the Xbox One, the launch exclusive line up consists of Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, and Forza Motorsport 5 among others. It’s a pretty good line-up of exclusive launch titles with new IPs, remakes, and sequels but it’s the post-launch exclusive games that I’m looking forward to more, namely; Halo 5, Titanfall, Quantum Break, D4, Project Spark, and the yet to be fully revealed title from Black Tusk studios.


The Xbox 360 controller is considered by many as one of the best controllers ever made and the new controller for the Xbox One takes that same award-winning base design and adds, according to Microsoft, over 40 improvements.

My favorite element of the Xbox controller is the off-set analogue sticks.  Since most games now use the left analogue stick (for things like movement) more than the D-pad, placing the left analogue stick in a more prominent and natural position makes for an easier and more comfortable gaming experience. The new analogue sticks are now smaller, have a reduced dead zone, a deeper concave, and textured bases which all make for easier use especially for games that require fast twitch movements.

The new Impulse Triggers and the addition of more vibration motors around the controller will also make for a more immersive gaming experience and the new more traditionally designed D-pad is a major change for the better. Other smaller changes to the controller are also things to look forward to including the new add-on port, seamless pairing, and improved grip.


Microsoft has improved the Kinect in so many interesting ways that has made it a more appealing addition to the already awesome Xbox One. They’ve improved the Kinect’s field of view and added a new IR camera which allows it to work in more rooms and even in darker lighting. And a new multi-microphone array with advanced noise isolation makes it more capable of listening to your voice even in a crowded room.

The Kinect 2.0’s new voice and gesture controls elevates console gaming and tech usability to another level while fulfilling many sci-fi fantasies all around.  They enable quick and seamless transitioning from one application to another with a simple voice command and because of Kinect 2.0’s Real Motion technology it can even detect the amount of pressure you’re exerting when you squeeze your hand.

Many of these features may sound gimmicky but these innovations open the door to more applications both for gaming and technology.

Xbox Live

One of Microsoft’s greatest innovations from the original Xbox is the creation of Xbox Live. It created a new horizon for console gaming and Xbox Live on the Xbox 360 was simply the standard for the console multiplayer ecosystem. Seamless social communication and interaction, on-the-fly game and application switching, and many more features all began on Xbox Live.

With the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has improved the capabilities of Xbox Live by opening more than 300,000 cloud servers around the world to accommodate all the users and features they plan to implement. Even games like Titanfall are making use of Xbox Live’s humongous and powerful infrastructure to make gaming on the Xbox One a unique experience.

And Microsoft has made Xbox Live even more accessible with Home Gold which allows one person to share their Xbox Live Gold privileges with everyone in their home.


The “Second Screen” phenomenon is sweeping not only the gaming world but consumer technology in general. The ability to interact and receive information from an application through a second screen like a tablet or smartphone widens the possibilities of media consumption.

Microsoft’s SmartGlass for the Xbox 360 was one of the most celebrated new innovations for the system and Microsoft is planning on improving on that success with the Xbox One whether you have a device with Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, or even iOS.


I hope this article has helped you make a more informed decision about which console to get (or to get first) next month. Whether you decide to buy the Xbox One or the Playstation 4, you’re definitely going to have a great next-gen experience. You can also check out our article for the Playstation 4 here.