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WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS Review

We review WD’s latest home and small office NAS solution, the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, to see just how well it works in the home or office.

WD Black 6TB HDD Review

We check out WD’s latest high-capacity, high-performance Black series hard disk drive in our latest review.

WD: 4 Steps to Setting Up a Secure, Collaborative File Storage System

Small businesses often operate in lean teams, with each staff member behaving as a “jack of all trades.” This attitude can be useful for acquiring customers and putting in the extra effort SMBs sometimes need, but it doesn’t work for data management and security. Cyberattacks are not only a risk to large companies like Target… View Article

WD Launches Purple NV HDDs for Surveillance Systems

WD has officially launched its new Purple NV line of hard disk drives. These 3.5-inch, high-capacity hard drives are higher-tier versions of the company’s standard Purple drives and are specifically built for large-scale scalable network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems. The Purple NV line’s high-capacity drives enable long video retention periods and are designed for always-on digital NVR recording… View Article

WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition – Unboxing & Overview

Today, we unbox the WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition portable hard drive. Check out our review of the WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition here – https://www.willwork4games.net/reviews/wd-my-passport-ultra-metal-edition-review

WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition Review

Western Digital’s My Passport Ultra isn’t technically a new product in itself; the original Ultra was released last 2013. But with the My Passport line’s 10th anniversary, WD decided to re-release the Ultra in two new shiny variants – the Metal Edition in blue or silver and the Anniversary Edition in gold. Today, we review… View Article

The WD TV Is Your Do-it-All Media Player, Now Available in the Philippines

Western Digital is hoping to make media consumption extremely easy and convenient for you and/or your family with the availability announcement of the company’s WD TV home media player. “Consumers have increasingly large libraries of disparate personal content types on a variety of storage devices, from portable USB to network attached storage and personal computers,” explains… View Article

Western Digital Launches My Passport Pro Thunderbolt Dual-Drive

Western Digital has officially released the My Passport Pro, a Thunderbolt-powered portable dual-drive storage solution. The My Passport Pro puts two 2.5-inch hard drives into a single aluminum enclosure and is available in either a 2TB or 4TB variants. Because of the the two-drive configuration of the My Passport Pro, it supports both RAID 0 (for faster performance) or RAID… View Article

Western Digital My Cloud Review

Almost everyone has something in the Cloud these days. It could be a work document, an audio file, a video, or even someone’s grocery list. It has become central to many individual’s day-to-day work or personal activities. Cloud computing has changed the way we store, review, and disseminate data. Cloud technology isn’t new; corporations have… View Article

Western Digital Releases WD Black2 Dual Drive

Western Digital has announced the release of their unique WD Black2 which is the world’s first dual drive storage solution. The WD Black2 is a 120GB solid state drive and a 1TB hard disk drive combined into a standard 9.5mm, 2.5-inch form factor drive. According to Western Digital, the WD Black2 is designed for enthusiasts,… View Article

Western Digital Expands the My Cloud Lineup With the My Cloud EX2

Western Digital introduced their new line of personal cloud storage solutions a few months ago with the My Cloud and My Cloud EX4. Now, Western Digital expands that lineup with the My Cloud EX2 personal cloud storage solution. The WD My Cloud EX2 is basically a two-bay edition of the My Cloud EX4 and is… View Article