Kingston Announces Two New MobileLite Wireless Readers and Power Banks

Kingston has announced two new models to add to its line of MobileLite Wireless Readers  – the MobiLite Wireless G3 and the MobileLite Wireless Pro – to start 2016. The MobileLite Wireless G3 features a large 5400mAh battery allowing users to use it as a power bank and charge their smartphones up to two times depending on… View Article

ASUS Launches New PRO Line-up of Business Solutions

ASUS has officially launched a new PRO line-up of solutions catered to educational, enterprise, small to medium business, and retails and service applications which include industry-ready, business-centric notebooks, desktops, displays, routers, projectors, and more. These new ASUS PRO series of products aim to deliver business solutions that are flexible and customizable to the specific needs of any industry while delivering both… View Article

ASUS Strix Pro Gaming Headset Review

Whatever your feelings or opinions are when it comes to gaming headsets, it’s undeniable that it’s become a gigantic industry; one that every manufacturer wants to get a hand into. And with ASUS’ announcement of their new entry-level or mainstream gaming brand, Strix, back in May 2014 it wasn’t a big surprise that one of… View Article

ASUS Is Bringing Its X99 Series Motherboards to the Philippines

ASUS is planning to launch three of its new X99 series motherboards – the X99-Deluxe, the X99-Pro, and the X99-A, in the Philippines according to a recent announcement by the company. As the series name implies, the new ATX motherboards from ASUS are based on Intel’s latest X99 chipset that support LGA2011-v3 Haswell-E Intel Core i7 processors as well… View Article