Life Support

Life Support – Road to Diamond – Season 3 Nears Its End

With the League of Legends World Championships happening in less than 2 weeks and Season 3 scheduled to officially end on October 31st it has become apparent that my road to Diamond League may come to a premature end. I’m still currently stuck at Gold V which is very far off from Diamond. I have… View Article

Life Support – Road to Diamond – 03 – Bad Queues & Silver I

All of us have bad queue days, when we just can’t win a single game whether it’s ARAM (All Mid, All Rando), Normals, or Ranked. There’s just something with how the matchmaking system always groups you up with players who just mess up the game in an assortment of ways. I had one of those… View Article

Life Support – Road to Diamond – 01 – Introduction

Hi, this is the introductory post for a new blog series I’m starting called Life Support – Road to Diamond. Life Support is a League of Legends blog series covering my journey through the Ranked Leagues of the Garena Philippines League of Legends server. My goal is to reach Diamond I League on the server…. View Article