The Dell XPS 13 Is a 13-inch Notebook in an 11-inch Body

At today’s Manila leg of the Dell Solutions Tour 2015, the company showed off the latest Dell XPS 13 laptop which features a 13-inch screen within a body meant for an 11-inch laptop. This innovative design gives it the recognition as the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world. The company is able to achieve this by using… View Article

Panasonic Announces AMD FirePro M5100-powered Toughbook CF-54 Notebook

If you work with videos like we do, a rig that’s specifically built for editing is a great help. Additionally, if you shoot and edit in places that are a bit ‘gadget unfriendly’ or if your just really really clumsy then a durable  laptop is a must. So Panasonic, in partnership with AMD, have released a new… View Article