LG Launches Flagship G5 and Friends

The LG G5 isn’t just a flagship smartphone, it’s a complete mobile experience with all its simultaneously released modules and accessories.

LG Launches Music Flow P7 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Just in time for the summer festivities, LG Electronics has officially launched the Music Flow P7 portable Bluetooth Speaker in the local market, according to a recent press announcement. The Music Flow P7 is part of the company’s new Music Flow Wi-Fi collection of wireless audio devices. It measures 184 x 55 x 63 mm and weighs only 710… View Article

5 LG Smartphones You Need to Know About That Aren’t the LG G3

So the LG G3 came out a few weeks ago and you’ve started seeing it on store shelves and in your carrier’s device catalog but it isn’t the only smartphone that LG has released in the last few months. It looks like LG is going for some kind of record for amount of devices launched in… View Article