ViewSonic Launches PD0711 Compact Pen Display and EM Pen for SMEs and Hotels

ViewSonic corporation is one of the world’s most popular provider for viaual solutions for both general consumers as well as SMEs and other businesses and the company has officially launched a new Compact Pen Display, the PD0711, and Electromagnetic Resonance Pen designed for both SMEs and Hotels.

“E-signatures have become increasingly accepted and widely used within organizations, especially in service industries such as hotels. E-signatures are not only cost-effective, but can easily streamline checking processes. By delivering an efficient way to boost business workflow, internal filing, and customer service management, paperless e-signature deployment has become an inevitable trend,” said Bonny Cheng, General Manager of the Display Business Unit at ViewSonic.

The PD0711 is easy to install with its single-cable design allowing users to easily connect it to PCs or laptops. It features a solid, scratch-resistant display with 7H glass treatment which increases both its durability and reliability. The PD0711 is available in several display sizes from 7 inches all the way up to 22 inches.


The included Electromagnetic Resonance Pen is a battery-free V Pen designed for the highest accuracy and responsiveness with a display accuracy of 200 points per second (PPS) and 5,080 lines per inch (LPI). It also features 1024 pressure levels and 10mm hovering capability giving users high-sensitivity touch recognition and a natural handwriting experience.

Interested customers can contact ViewSonic’s Business Development Manager, Kevin Chu, at [email protected]. More information on the PD0711 and other ViewSonic products can be found at