Tower of Fantasy Adds New SSR Simulacrum Saki Fuwa

Tower of Fantasy has added Saki Fuwa to its growing list of SSR Simulacrum. Players will be able to obtain Saki Fuwa and her weapon Heartstream through her limited-time banner, which will be available until December 2, 2022.

“As captain of the Mirroria Security Special Forces, Saki Fuwa is the only genuine human in the group, never having undergone any biomechanical modification. She loves the ancient fighting style of kendo, and often dons a traditional kendo uniform. Saki Fuwa is capable of a state of “Super Flow”, the ability to concentrate her full focus on a single action resulting in an incredible boost to attacks and combat prowess. Saki Fuwa also comes armed with her powerful Heartstream weapon.”

Saki Fuwa’s Heartstream is a Frost element defense role weapon that is capable of freezing enemies, summoning a Sword Shadow, and entering either Excited Flow or Silent Flow modes, and more.

Tower of Fantasy is currently available for free on iOS, Android, and PC.