Tamago Launches Mobile Legends Bang Bang Contest with PHP 2.1M Prize Pool

Streaming platform Tamago has officially launched its “100 Legends” contest in the Philippines. The contest gives Mobile Legends Bang Bang players in the country a chance to win part of the contest’s PHP 2.1M prize pool by reaching the top 100 players in the game’s in-game rankings and streaming their gameplay on Tamago.

Those interested in participating in the “100 Legends” contest need to register on the contest website (which currently only works on Google Chrome), add “Tamago” at the front of their in-game name, reach the top 100 in the game’s rankings/leaderboards, and stream their gameplay on Tamago for a total of 60 hours throughout the contest’s duration (around two hours per day).

There are a few more things required to be eligible to join the contest (such as naming your Tamago room the same as your MLBB in-game name) that you can find under the Terms & Conditions at the official contest website along with the rest of the contest’s terms and conditions. Only those who have fulfilled all the requirements will be eligible for inclusion in the rankings. 

The contest is also only limited to players in the Philippines and will run from October 1 to 31, 2018. As for the prizes, the top eligible player in the rankings will win USD 8,000, while the second and third placers will get USD 4,000 and USD 2,000, respectively. The 4th to 50th placers will each get USD 350 and 51st to 100th place get USD 200 each.

Cash Prize for 100 Legends Contest

1st Place – US$8,000
2nd Place – US$4,000
3rd Place – US$2,000
4th to 50th Place – US$350
51st to 100th Place – US$200

As previously mentioned, the Tamago 100 Legends contest will run from October 1 to 31, 2018. More information on the contest can be found on the official website.