Smart Padala Releases Video Showing the SENDali Padala Experience

Smart Padala by PayMaya has released a new SENDali video showcasing how easy it is to send and receive remittances through its network.

The new TV commercial features a jingle inspired by the 2000s hit song, Shalala Lala by the Vengaboys as well as easy-to-follow dance steps that represent the SENDali padala experience.

Here’s a description of the video and the SENDali experience from Smart Padala:

Send money via your go-to Smart Padala agent

Take?a few?steps to your left and a little to your right?- that’s how easy it is to find a Smart Padala agent?to complete your?SENDali?transaction! With Smart Padala’s widest network of over 60,000?agent touchpoints nationwide, it’s easy to access convenient remittance transactions!?Now all that’s left to do is share?the name and mobile number of your recipient?to?send that?much-needed?padala!?

Receive money wherever you are

Hold out your hand to the Smart Padala agent and?konting?kembot?lang,?you can already receive remittance from your loved ones here and abroad!?With Smart Padala’s Claim Anywhere service, you no longer have to provide the 16-digital Smart Padala number to?the sender. ?All they need?is your name and mobile number. Once the?padala?is sent,?SENDali?na?lang ang?pag-claim because you can simply head to a Smart Padala agent just 6 minutes away from you and present your claim reference number.??

Send your padalove from the comforts of your home

Don’t have time to go out? No problem! Within a few taps on your?PayMaya?app, your?padala?can already?be received at the Smart Padala agent near your recipient!?On your?PayMaya?app homepage, simply tap Send Money, input the 16-digit Smart Padala number of your recipient’s trusted agent, input the amount and hit send!?Now all that’s left to do is?share the?reference number to your recipient so they can easily claim your?padala!?

A play between the words?send?and?dali?-?SENDali?promises customers a hassle-free remittance experience with Smart Padala.?This is made possible by Smart Padala’s widest and most accessible network?of?over?60,000 agent touchpoints nationwide?– present within 6 minutes away from you.

Smart Padala is also currently running a new promotion where it’s giving away a total of PHP 3,000,000 worth of prizes. From November 15, 2021, to January 15, 2022, those who send or claim at least PHP 500 worth of padala via Smart Padala agents will earn raffle entries for the promotion. Two (2) winners will take home a grand prize of PHP 1,000,000 each, nine (9) winners will enjoy a PHP 50,000 prize each, and sixty (60) winners will take home PHP 10,000 each.

More information on Smart Padala can be found on the official website.