Ragnarok X: Next Generation Launches Halloween Events

Ragnarok X: Next Generation has launched its Trick ROX Treat event to celebrate the Halloween season, giving players the opportunity to earn exclusive prizes by joining the event’s activities.

From October 31 to November 11, 2021, players who have reached at least Base Lvl. 35 will be able to join the Halloween events by speaking to Jakk near Odin’s Statue in Prontera. Players will be able to join one of ten party scenes and every day between 8:00 and 9:00 PM, Jakk will summon a large group of both mini- and MVP-bosses across different areas of Prontera in set intervals.

Players will need to eliminate each of the bosses to earn exclusive Halloween “Badge” materials and edible candies, the latter of which will trigger surprising side effects. Once each event timer is finishes, players will be ranked based on their performance and may be given additional event currency to purchase special prizes.

When the Halloween event concludes, players will be able to turn in their collected Halloween “Badge” materials to Jakk to receive several Halloween-themed items such as the Deviling Hat, Resurrection on Night March, and Witch costume sets. Players will only have seven days after the event ends to redeem their prizes before Jakk disappears from the game.

The Ragnarok X: Next Generation Trick ROX Treat Halloween event will be held from October 31 to November 11, 2021.