Ragnarok X: Next Generation Is Now Live in SEA

Ragnarok X: Next Generation has officially launched in nine countries in Southeast Asia. The latest, officially licensed adaptation of the classic MMORPG garnered over 3 million pre-registrations before its launch.

Some of the features of Ragnarok X: Next Generation include the original classes, monsters, and locations from the first game, recreated with modern 3D graphics. There are also several social features such as friends lists, the guild system, and the marriage system. Players can also check out the new Amusement Park area and experience the merry-go-rounds, roller-coasters, and ferris wheel. Players can memorialize their adventures in Ragnarok X: Next Generation with the game’s camera feature as well.

To celebrate the launch of Ragnarok X: Next Generation, publisher Nuverse is hosting several in-game events that will be taking place in the coming weeks:

  • Landmark Lighting: players from each country can collaborate by completing missions to ‘light up’ their country’s landmarks and earn exclusive rewards worth 150k crystals.
  • King of MVP: players can win a special title Glorious Legend by earning points during MVP or Miniboss fights based on their performance.
  • Glory Pass: as a special treat for players in SEA, there is also an awesome Motorbike Mount which players can earn by completing daily missions in their Glory Pass. Doing so will earn then rewards like gift boxes, items, and EXP, with the Motorbike Mount and the accompanying biker suit as the final prize.

Players can also get three limited-time Southeast Asian-themed items for the game’s launch in the region, including Plai Kaew Elephant mount, a Kinnaree Crown, and a Nusantara Mask. Players will need to follow the instructions for their respective version of the game to acquire the items.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is now available in nine countries in Southeast Asia for both iOS and Android. More information on the game and its SEA launch on the official Facebook page.