PLDT Launches Roku Powered TVolution Box

PLDT has officially launched its new Roku Powered TVolution box, the company’s new all-in-one, plug-and-play entertainment solution which lets users easily watch TV shows, movies, and other videos from services like Netflix, iflix, YouTube, and Cignal. The Roku Powered TVolution box, which was developed in partnership with American manufacturer Roku Inc., also has access to over 100 other streaming channels and apps.

“For our subscribers, this means easy access to all their favorite entertainment content, without having to switch between multiple devices. We’re very excited to launch this Roku Powered TVolution box to our valued subscribers. The box offers an easier and faster way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows and explore exciting content from top global streaming services. The new TVolution box will help consumers create meaningful bonding moments around the TV,” said PLDT FVP and Home Business Head Oscar A. Reyes, Jr.

The Roku Powered TVolution box is available to all PLDT Home Fibr subscribers for an additional monthly service fee of only P199 for the unit itself. Additionally, those who don’t already have subscriptions to services like Netflix will also be able to sign up for those services and pay through their PLDT Home Fibr bill. Just ask your PLDT agent for details.

We’ve previously tried out the Roku Powered TVolution box and shared our experience in the vlog below: