PLDT Home Fibr Launches Google WiFi Plans, Roku-Powered TVolution Lite

PLDT Home has officially launched two new products to complement its Fibr broadband service – the new Google WiFi Plans and the new Roku-powered TVolution Lite.

“Over the past years, we’ve been hard at work to future-proof our network and beef up our digital content and product partners. We’re delighted to present our most exciting services that are designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of Filipinos,” said Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT and Smart SVP and Consumer Business Market Development Head.

The new PLDT Home Fibr Google WiFi Plans is a mesh WiFi network system that will give users the convenience of whole home WiFi coverage for their homes without having to switch the router they’re connected to. The new add-on product, powered by Google’s Mesh WiFi Routers, will be available to current PLDT Home Fibr subscribers for an add-on fee of PHP 799 per month for a set of three routers. As for new subscribers, they can avail of the new Google WiFi Plan 3799, which comes with an unlimited 50Mbps connection, three Google Mesh WiFi routers, and free service assistance from PLDT’s Home Geek Squad.

PLDT Home has also launched the latest iteration of its TVolution streaming device, this time called the TVolution Lite. The new device, which is still powered by Roku, has all the same features of the previous Roku-powered TVolution but in a smaller plug-and-play package. The new TVolution Lite will be available to both new and current PLDT Home Fibr subscibers soon.

PLDT Home also sponsored the recently concluded 2018 Esports and Gaming Summit and the inaugural season of the “Road to the Nationals,” the latter of which awarded the country’s top DOTA 2 and Tekken 7 players.