Kingston Launches DataTraveler Exodia Onyx and 80M Portable Storage Drives

Kingston has launched two new portable storage drives, the DataTraveler Exodia Onyx and the DataTraveler 80 M.

“The tech generation are always on-the-move and require best-in-class storage solutions to keep their important files, photos and memories safe and secure; understanding their needs, we believe the two new DataTraveler USB drives will provide the storage they need whenever and wherever they go.” said Kingston.

Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Onyx and DataTraveler 80 M

The Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Onyx features a matte black casing, a sliding cap to protect its USB connector, and a key ring loop. It measures 60.7mm x 21mm x 10.2mm and weighs only 8 grams. The new portable storage drive uses a standard USB Type A connector that supports USB 3.2 Gen 1.

As for the Kingston DataTraveler 80 M, it features a matte black casing that’s coupled with a blue translucent sliding cap. It also comes with a key ring loop and is equipped with a USB Type C connector that supports speeds up to 200 MB/s.

Both the Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Onyx and DataTraveler 80 M are available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, and come with a limited five-year warranty.