Kingston Announces FURY Brand for High-Performance Enthusiast and Gaming Products

Kingston has announced the new name of its high-performance enthusiast and gaming brand that will replace HyperX, which the company sold to HP earlier this year. The company’s DRAM, flash, and SSD gaming line will now fall under its new Kingston FURY brand.

“We are extremely proud to debut the new Kingston FURY brand representing the highest-performing memory modules for PC enthusiasts and gamers,” said Kingston. “Kingston’s core strength and global leadership as a manufacturer of quality DRAM and flash solutions brings resources and enthusiasm to the brand and firmly demonstrates our dedication to both performance and reliability.”

Kingston FURY will consist of three products categories:

  • Kingston FURY Renegade, which will consists of its top-end DRAM kits with DDR4 frequencies of up to 5333MHz and RGB and non-RGB variants.
  • Kingston FURY Beast, which will be the brand’s mainstream lineup for gamers, with DDR3 and DDR4 kits with speeds up to 3733MHz and both RGB and non-RGB models.
  • Kingston FURY Impact, for the company’s SO-DIMM kits for laptops, NUCs, and other small form-factor PCs that will be available in both DDR3 and DDR4 variants and speeds of up to 3200MHz.

The new Kingston FURY brand confirms that while the company sold its HyperX brand, it was able to keep its FURY branding for its memory kits., which the company first introduced back in 2014. Kingston plans to unveil its full lineup of FURY DDR4 and DDR3 products soon and it also plans to launch its DDR5 memory modules later this year.