ESGS 2016: Kalaro Games/Synergy88 – Barangay Basketball

Synergy88 is one of the country’s biggest homegrown game development studios and with its publishing arm, Kalaro Games, the company has released a new mobile game for Android called Barangay Basketball, a tie-in game to the upcoming Filipino-Japanese-Singaporean animated television series called Barangay 143.

Barangay Basketball features some of the characters from the animated TV series as well as some original characters made just for the game. It also features the same settings as the anime, Barangay 143. In the game, the player controls Wax, a young basketball player hoping to learn the skills needed to play with the professionals.

The game features several mini-games, aimed to teach Wax how to dribble, shoot, block, guard, and dunk. The mini-games then culminate into a final mini-game that combines all the skills from the previous ones. The player will then unlock and get to re-play all the previous mini-games but at a much harder difficulty.

According Synergy88, they also plan to made the mini-games more challenging by adding new mechanics or twists.

I got to try out the first set of levels of Barangay Basketball and it was surprisingly fun to play and I appreciated how much effort the developers put in to make the game’s story feel whole. The would-be fans of the upcoming TV series will definitely enjoy the different perspective of Barangay 143 the game will present and even fans of simple, fun-oriented but challenging games will undoubtedly find some fun in it.

Barangay Basketball is now available for free on the Google Play store.