Seoul Stars – the blockchain based NFT game harnessing the power of K-pop with its unique “Sing-To-Earn” model, kicks off its roadshow ahead of March launch

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul Stars, the new K-pop inspired game that uses a unique "Sing-To-Earn" model to reward players, announced today it will be presenting at the 9th annual Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) in Dubai on February 21st and 22nd. This comes prior to the $SSTAR governance token IDO the company is planning. Seoul Stars is the second title from Blockchain Games publisher Catheon Gaming, whose flagship game, SolChicks, is launching a mini game in March, ahead of its alpha game release in April.

K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean popular music), has become a global phenomenon. A recent survey showed 39% of respondents consider K-pop popular in their country. Album sales have grown 37.5% in the last 12 months, and bands like BTS now have millions of eager fans worldwide. K-pop has become one of South Korea’s greatest cultural exports.

The goal of Seoul Stars is to provide fans and gamers worldwide with an authentic K-pop experience. The game places the player in the role of a new star in the K-pop world, who builds their career by singing and progressing through various challenges, similar to earlier music themed games such as the popular Rock Band series, or Dance Dance Revolution. To make the game as authentic as possible Seoul Stars partnered with HUMAP, one of Korea’s leading talent agencies, and respected music producer Tommy Lee.

Seoul Stars also brings something truly unique to the table – in the form of Yuna, a virtual idol that will work within the Seoul Stars expanding metaverse. Yuna, will exist both inside and beyond the game out into the Metaverse. Yuna already has two tracks, with more to come. In keeping with the origins of the game, the later collected works will be released as an NFT. As the game is developed, there will be opportunities for online concerts, NFT album sales, and potential collaborations with other Metaverse platforms.

Jameson Lee, CEO of HUMAP said: "I am thrilled to see the Seoul Stars community grow each day. The project has also kept me very busy as we see so much potential for Yuna in various areas such as traditional media channels, advertisement, and the metaverse related promotions. We wanted to be a part of this next step in the music business. NFTs have great potential for artists, but mass adoption needs an easily accessible channel."

David Kim, co-CEO of Seoul Stars, said: "At Seoul Stars, we understand the value and interest in K-pop globally. To make the game as good as possible, we chose to partner with some of the most experienced companies and people. For K-pop we have HUMAP, for the music, Tommy Lee, and Catheon Gaming for blockchain technology."

The Seoul Stars team will be in Dubai for the GBC and supporting Catheon Gaming’s appearance at Superverse ( The team welcomes interested parties to reach out via email to arrange to meet the team, or to find them at either of the events.


The vision of Seoul Stars is to create the first virtual K-pop idol, Yuna, built on the blockchain with a plethora of content including songs, albums, virtual concerts, and games. Yuna will eventually be turned into a realistic 3D virtual idol being featured in various mainstream media and metaverse platforms.

Seoul Stars aims to make Yuna unique and special by crafting a sophisticated and compelling narrative behind her journey into the metaverse. Each of Yuna?s albums, produced by famous Korean producer Tommy Lee, will deliver a separate story of the journey and build upon the universe of Yuna.

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