Quixant, the leading global provider of gaming technology announces rebrand and the launch of the Quixant Hub, its enhanced customer support area

Quixant unveils a new corporate brand and improved customer support platform, reflecting its continuous evolution and pursuit to enable customers to deliver the ultimate gaming experiences.

CAMBRIDGE, England, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Quixant announced a corporate rebrand, with a new logo, visual identity, and enhanced product and support platform, the Quixant Hub. Over the past year, Quixant has undergone a complete brand refresh to reflect its position as an innovative, and forward-thinking specialist technology provider to the gaming industry, constantly enhancing its product, service, and support offering. 



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Quixant’s exclusive focus on the gaming industry means there are no additional markets and conflicting priorities to distract its product development roadmap. Constantly investing in gaming technology innovation, Quixant developed its range of next-generation IQ, IQON and QMAX Gaming Hardware Platforms which are powered by its game optimising Software Hub solutions, and diversified to offer a range of bespoke and highly customisable cabinets for the Video Lottery and Sports Betting industries. Launching the new brand identity marks another major milestone for Quixant and the segway into the next stage of the company’s progression to enable customers to always deliver gaming excellence. 

The Quixant Hub has been designed to deliver a brilliant customer experience for Quixant’s current and new customers, expanding on the capabilities of the existing product, support, and ticketing platform. Designed to be ever more user friendly and accessible it provides a seamless onboarding experience, giving users insights into Quixant’s next-generation hardware and software solutions, unrivalled technical support, and unlimited access to Quixant’s technical documentation, drivers, libraries and software, and firmware updates. It has been developed with the purpose to free up customers’ time so they can focus on delivering the best gaming content and getting their games to market faster.

Duncan Faithfull, EVP and CCO at Quixant commented: "The rebrand and launch of the new Quixant Hub reflect how Quixant has endlessly evolved in recent years and our continued efforts to provide customers with the best possible products, solutions, and services."

"As Quixant continues to look ahead, having a strong and iconic brand identity is critical to us, ensuring it reflects our position as an innovative and enabling technology provider and a reliable outsourcing partner. The logo captures the notion of power, performance, and connectedness, which are at the heart of the Quixant offering," he reflected. 

"Quixant prides itself in developing quality products and in the support, collaboration, and guidance offered to customers. At a time when global component markets and their supply chains are in a state of crisis, Quixant is using all of its gaming engineering expertise and supply chain knowledge to ensure its customers’ product requirements are met. The Quixant Hub is the next stage of delivering a brilliant customer experience," Faithfull summarised.

The rebrand and Quixant Hub are being rolled out on 28th February and users can access the platform with their existing login details here: https://support.quixant.com/