Mortal Wars – riding the wave by providing untapped Game-fi audience a chance to experience Play-to-Earn & Blockchain game starting from just 1 dollar

HANOI, Vietnam, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The recent Play-to-earn Game-fi wave has taken the blockchain world by storm – it stepped into the picture in an "innovated" form of traditional Play-to-win games, leveling the field by playing not only as an entertainment but also financial tool, bringing blockchain/crypto to wider audience’s eyes.

The unresolved challenges of the Game-fi world

Yet, there’re still unresolved problems that require solutions for to bring game-fi to an even bigger community, which lie in: huge entry fee, hyperinflation in game-related economy, in addition to the obvious incomprehensibility of the blockchain system as a whole and the ever-increasing number of scams in different creative forms that force the mass population to rather live in denial than give in to the temptation of exploring the land of opportunities.

If Game-fi is a wave, Mortal wars is the sailing boat

Trying to address these issues with the aim to add value, Mortal Wars, which simulates the survival wars & battle royal style, has been developed as the first in a series of continuing developed games, under the lead of Erik Duong & his team, at one hand remaining the core of how a game should be: the elements of "fun, engaging, addictive", on the other hand addressing the challenges that have been hindering joiners by:                     

  • Lowest Entry fee – The player can start with as low as 1$ entrance fee in return for appealing financial rewards. Particularly, the game’s been designed in a way to provide an equal opportunity of winning for players of all levels.
  • Anti-inflation mechanism – to deliver equilibrium in the economy, The game has unique ingame economy in which similar to e-sport & tournament style to control the inflation challenge in traditional P2E (play-to-earn) game. Especially in the context of Axie Infinity having recently announced to stop paying rewards via PvE mode which kicked off the dissipation of PvE P2E games, Mortal Wars again is currently pioneering the new trend by its PvP model.
  • Simplicity making it not only a game but also a form of "financial tool"/"education" where people of all levels can get access to the crypto/blockchain world in the safest & most natural way.
  • Additionally, highly committed A-team operating with high transparency & business ethics: With customer service mindset focusing on delivery & sustainability, the development team, lead by Erik Duong (8 years in technology, in which 5 years at work with Tech giants in Germany/ USA as Product & Data Analysis, addressing multiple scale business challenges for global MNCs).


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Exciting events ahead

By joining Mortal Wars, you’ll have a lot of possibilities to participate in many events that offer fantastic rewards

– IDO launchpad whitelist

+ Time: 02.14.2022 – 03.10.2022

+ Prize Pool: 2,000 IDO guaranteed slots

+ Register via:

– Airdrop 1st: "Happy Lucky Day"

+ Time: 02.22.2022 – 03.09.2022

+ Total prize value: $20,000

+ Register via:

– Coming soon: Testnet Public with total prize value: $10,000

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