Ark Games’ self-developed game “The Legend of Neverland” has gained high reputation worldwide

BEIJING, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ark Games is a global mobile gaming platform with global distribution regions in over 150 countries and regions. While covering MMO, ARPG, SLG and other mobile game categories, it is also constantly trying to incubate new categories such as two dimensions and casual puzzle.

In the third quarter of 2022, Ark Games’ self-developed MMORPG "The Legend of Neverland" was successfully launched in Europe and the United States, reaping an extremely high reputation. On the day of the game’s launch, "The Legend of Neverland" topped the free charts of game apps in major countries in Europe and the US, including the UK, France, Germany, the US and Canada, with 1.4 million new users in the first month. Since its launch in September, the highest daily flow exceeded US$200,000 and the first month flow exceeded US$3 million, an excellent performance.

"The Legend of Neverland" also successfully obtained the domestic game license number in China in the third quarter, and the related distribution work is now steadily underway. In addition, "The Legend of Neverland" is planned to be officially launched in Japan and Korea, the traditional dominant regions for MMORPGs, in the fourth quarter of this year, and is expected to achieve good results.

In Sensor Tower’s September 2022 outbound handheld download list, "The Legend of Neverland" was selected as No. 12 on the overseas revenue growth list for Chinese handheld games, and other finalists include MihaYu’s Original God.

The "2022 two dimensions Handheld Game Market Insight Report" released by aggregated data company shows that user spending by two dimensions handheld game players exceeded $17 billion in 2021, already accounting for 20% of total global handheld game spending in 2021. in 2021, the global user usage penetration rate of two dimensions handheld games was only <3%, and in the global market, two dimensions handheld games will still have great potential to be tapped.

MMORPG games still have an extremely broad market space on the PC side, and their revenue scale can even be compared to that of the mobile side. After an in-depth study of the market, Ark Games will launch the PC version of "The Legend of Neverland" to meet players’ demand for multi-terminal games, and the development work is currently underway. the launch of the PC version is expected to bring considerable contribution to Ark Games’ performance. Ark Games’ other self-developed products are also in the process of development.