XSplit Announces VCam Software, Chroma Key Without a Green Screen

SplitmediaLabs, creators of the popular XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster live streaming software, has officially announced its latest product – XSplit VCam. The new tool allows streamers, content creators, and more to achieve a chroma key effect with their webcam without the need for a green screen background.

XSplit VCam allows users to blur out or completely remove backgrounds, use depth of field effects, as well as add in animated/custom backgrounds, images, logos, and/or even webpages as a background.

The software uses machine learning A.I., which the company established through a crowdsourced campaign with XSplit’s community of content creators, that allows it to continuously learn the differences between foreground and background subjects. This method is meant to continuously improve the software’s capabilities as more people use it.

XSplit VCam works as both a standalone utility, which features a fully-customizable interface, or can be used as a virtual camera source with other software such as XSplit Gamecaster/Broadcaster.

XSplit VCam is included with the XSplit Premium bundle pricing model and will automatically unlock for current subscribers on November 16, 2018.