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vivo Philippines Hosting Week-Long Black Friday Sale

vivo has announced that its running a week-long Black Friday sale, which will run from November 23 to 30, 2022. During the sale, select vivo products will be available at up to a 40% discount through the vivo E-Store.

Customers will also get a chance to win freebies such as SIM cards, premium tumblers, wireless earbuds, bluetooth neckband earphones, and two-in-one (2-in-1) clock speakers when they purchase vivo V25 series, Y35, Y16, and Y22S smartphones.

vivo Black Friday Sale 2022

vivo is also offering more payments terms during the sale, with installment payment offers through billease with 0% interest for up to six (6) months and with a downpayment of only up to 34%.

vivo Black Friday Sale 2022

Here is the list of vivo products that are included in the company’s Black Friday sale:

Y01PHP 100 OFFSIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
Y15sPHP300 OFFSIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
Y15APHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
Y16 4+64GBPHP40 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y16 4+128GBPHP40 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y22s 4+128GBPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y22s 8+128GBPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y21TPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y33sPHP1000 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y35PHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y73PHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
Y76 5GPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
T1xPHP100 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
T1PHP300 OFFSIM CARD + 2in1 Clock Speaker
V23ePHP1000 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
V23 5GPHP300 OFFSIM CARD + 2in1 Clock Speaker + vivo backpack
V25ePHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
V25PHP300 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones + BT Neckband
V25 ProPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones + BT Neckband

The participating vivo products will be able for purchase through the vivo E-store from November 23 to 30, 2022.