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Secretlab Releases Pokémon Collection Gaming Chairs in the Philippines

Secretlab has released its new Pokémon Collection gaming chairs in the Philippines. The new Secretlab Pokémon #025 and Pokémon #006 Edition gaming chairs, representing Pikachu and Charizard, respectively, were initially released in Japan on December 23, 2021, and were part of the yearlong Pokemon 25-year anniversary celebration.

The new chairs are built on Secretlab’s TITAN Evo 2022 edition chairs and feature the company’s new NEO Hybrid Leatherette with the specific Pokémon stitched onto the backrest along with debossed motifs along the chair’s side panels, Poké Ball detailing on each chair’s shoulder, and a unique tab showcasing the respective Pokémon’s type atop the backrest.

Other features of the new chairs include the new 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support system, 4D armrests with the new CloudSwap replacement system, multi-tilt mechanism, XL PU casters, and ADC12 aluminum wheelbase, among others.

The Secretlab Pokémon #025 and Pokémon #006 Edition gaming chairs are available in small and regular sizes and are available on both Secretlab’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.