Ragnarok Online Ascendance Launches for PC in Southeast Asia

Ragnarok Online Ascendance has been officially launched on PC in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, according to an announcement by publisher and developer Gravity Game Hub. 

Ragnarok Online Ascendance is a relaunch of the classic MMORPG and will feature the the game’s myriad of jobs including Rune Knight, Warlock, Ranger, Mechanic, Guillotine Cross, and Arch Bishop. Some of the other classes players will be able to choose also include the Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Maestro/Wanderer, Geneticist, Shadow Chaser, and Sura.

According to Gravity Game Hub, Ragnarok Online Ascendance will closely follow the Korean version’s content release schedule. Players in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, will also be able to participate in in-game tournaments and community events.

Gravity Game Hub has already announced several in-game launch events for Ragnarok Online Ascendance:

  • Event I: Change to 2nd Job Event
    • Details: Players who successfully change job within (Feb 23- March 8) will receive a Treasure Box.
  • Event II: Reach Level 99 Event
    • Details: Race to be among the first players per class to reach Level 99 to win a Level 99 Costume.

Ragnarok Online Ascendance is now available for PC and can be downloaded through the official website.