PlayPark StreetBallers Opens Alpha Test Registration

PlayPark StreetBallers has opened registrations for its alpha test, which will begin on March 6, 2023. The game’s alpha test will feature some of the game modes that will be available when the full game launches.

To join the PlayPark StreetBallers alpha test, interest players will need to go through a few steps. Registrations for the alpha test will only be accepted until March 5, 2023, and slots will be limited.

Here’s the checklist of things to do to register for the alpha test:

The PlayPark StreetBallers team will go through each registrant to determine if all the steps were completed before they are selected for the alpha test. Registrants will be contacted if they are selected to be one of the game’s alpha testers.

More information can be found on Instagram page and website as well as the Discord group and official PlayPark StreetBallers Facebook page.

The PlayPark StreetBallers alpha test will begin on March 6, 2023. PlayPark has yet to announce when the game will be released.