Metal Slug: Awakening Pre-Registration Is Now Live

Metal Slug: Awakening distributor VNGGames has announced that you can now pre-register for the upcoming mobile remake of the classic side-scrolling shooter. Those interested in pre-registering for the game can do so via their respective mobile app stores, whether that be the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

As with many other pre-registration campaigns, VNGGames will be rewarding players with in-game bonuses depending on the number of players who pre-register for the game. There’s also an recruitment campaign where players who are able invite their friends to play the game will receive additional rewards. Lastly, even more in-game bonuses will be given to players if the game’s official fan page reaches a certain number of Likes/Follows during the campaign.

Metal Slug: Awakening Pre-Registration

Here are more details on Metal Slug: Awakening‘s different campaigns:

All Commanders Assemble & Pre-register Now!

To gear up all registered commanders for all upcoming missions, multiple rewards will be given once each milestone is achieved as the following:

  • 800,000 registered commander – Basic Growth Pack x 1, Coin x 2,000, Respawn Coin x 1
  • 1,000,000 registered commander – Basic Growth Pack x 2, Coin x 3,000,Respawn Coin x 2
  • 2,000,000 registered commander – Eri’s Token x 2, Coin x 5,000, Military Card IV x 5
  • 3,000,000 registered commander – Eri’s Token x 3, Coin x 10,000, Military Card IV x 10

Exclusive Invitation Giveaway – The More The Merrier!

To accelerate the recruitment of commanders, gamers who have successfully invited his or her friend to be part of the mission will be rewarded with additional in-game prizes that facilitate stronger bond and strengths to combat with in game BOSS

  • 1 friend invitation : Metal Slug License Fragment x 1, Gear Oil x 50
  • 3 friends invitation : Hammer Shotgun x 1, Metal Slug License Fragment x 2, Gear Oil x 100
  • 4 friends invitation : Metal Slug License Fragment x 3, Gear Oil x 150

Leave No One Behind – Join Our Community Now!

Aim high and win big based on the milestone achievement across various regions!

  • 100,000 Fans Page Like?Coin x 3,000, Eri’s Token x 1
  • 200,000 Fans Page Like?Coin x 5,000, Eri’s Token x 2
  • 300,000 Fans Page Like?Coin x 6,000, Eri’s Token x 3

Metal Slug: Awakening Pre-Registration

Metal Slug: Awakening Pre-Registration

VNGGames also revealed the brand new Joint Operation mode that will be available in Metal Slug: Awakening. The new coop game mode lets players form teams of 3 and work together to defeat a level and its respective boss. Joint Operation mode will feature Assist Skills that gives teams boosts to their firepower or survivability. Assist Skills will fall under three categories. Namely, DPS, Heal, and Shield. And completing a Joint Operation mission will reward players with Cores, that can be used to customize weapons.

More information on Metal Slug: Awakening can be found on the official Facebook fan page as well as the official Facebook group and Discord server.