MetaElf Land Opens Whitelist, Offers 1,000 USDT NFT Raffle

Upcoming play-to-earn NFT game MetaElf Land recently opened its whitelist registration, giving interested players an opportunity to purchase the game’s NFTs ahead of others. Developer Meta Soft is also giving away 1,000 USDT worth of NFTs to one lucky whitelist registrant.

Getting into the MetaElf Land whitelist gives players the option to purchase one of two chests containing the game’s NFTs. The Silver chest contains two (2) NFTs while the Gold includes five (5). Purchasing either of the chests gives players an opportunity to experience what MetaElf Land has to offer first-hand.

Some of the gameplay features of MetaElf Land that will reward players with its in-game cryptocurrency include:

  • Compete and win in the game’s esports arena
  • Trade through the Metaelf Land NFT/FT market
  • Breed and sell your Metaelves
  • Unleashed playing strategies and functions of Metaelf land

Meta Soft has also shared the roadmap for MetaElf Land:

MetaElf Land’s whitelist registration form can be found here: