Life Is Strange 2 – Episode 2 Released, Launch Trailer Released

Life is Strange 2 – Episode 2 has officially been released for the PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One, and Square Enix has released a launch trailer for the new episode of the season.

Here’s a description of Episode 2: Rules:

Episode 2: Rules reunites players with Sean and Daniel Diaz a few months after the events of the first episode, as the brothers are on the run from law enforcement following a tragic incident in Seattle and the manifestation of a strange supernatural power. The journey is long and the story of Life is Strange 2takes place over the course of a year in-game, as they make their way across the USA in an effort to get to Mexico.

According to developers DONTNOD Entertainment, Episode 2 will focus on Daniel’s supernatural abilities and how he and his brother Sean try to balance practicing Daniel’s control over his power while also hiding them from the world around them. The new episode will also feature an appearance by Chris from the game’s spin-off title The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

“One of the main themes in Life is Strange 2 is coming-of-age, and the rules you sometimes have to follow, or break, when you’re on the run like Sean and Daniel is. In this episode, the power will be a very interesting element the brothers will have to deal with. It allows us to create compelling situations that will evolve the relationship between the two brothers. We can’t wait for the players to discover the new environments and characters the brothers will meet in this episode.” said Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet, Co-Creators and Directors of Life is Strange 2. “And of course, we are really happy to give the players the chance to meet Chris again, our beloved lead character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. We strongly advise the fans to play this game before playing Episode 2, as the experience will be more enjoyable. Also, it’s free!”

Life is Strange 2 and Life is Strange Episode 2: Rules are available on the PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out the episode’s launch trailer above.