Kingston FURY Launches White Versions of DDR5 RAM Line

Kingston FURY has announced that addition of white versions of its line of DDR5 memory modules, including both RGB and non-RGB variants of its Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 models.

“We’re pleased to expand the look of our Kingston FURY DDR5 lineup with the addition of white heat spreaders. As creativity flows and gaming evolves, we want to empower our users to choose the modules that best fit their individual style,” said Kingston.

Kingston FURY released its first DDR5 memory kits back in 2021 and has steadily expanded its lineup since then to include both RGB and non-RGB models, SODIMM and RDIMM kits, and now white heat spreader versions of its performance desktop memory.

Kingston FURY DDR5 White Heat Spreader

The white version of the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 features a wholly white heat spreader while the Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 combines a white heat spreader with silver accents.

PC builders who prefer white color schemes will now be able to complete their rigs with Kingston FURY’s new white memory kits, which are available in the same speeds and capacities as their black heat spreader counterparts.

The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is available in speeds up to 6,000 MT/s and kits up to 64GB, while the Renegade DDR5 is available in speeds up to 7,200 MT/s and up to 64GB kits.

The new white version of the Kingston FURY DDR5 memory kits should begin showing up at online and in-store retailers in the coming weeks.