Five Things to Check Out at ESGS 2017

ESGS 2017 is only a few hours away and we’ve listed just some of the few things you should definitely check out at one of the biggest gaming and esports events in Southeast Asia.

PlayStation to Showcase Twelve Games at ESGS 2017

The PlayStation booth at ESGS 2016 was one of the most visited booths during the event as the company showcased some of the most anticipated games of the time including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Final Fantasy XV. This year, Sony plans to showcase even more games at their booth at ESGS 2017 with… View Article

Top 5 Video Game Console Emulators

The video game console emulator community is one of the most active communities in gaming with emulator development projects for pretty much every video game console out there. Because even if the latest consoles and games are all incredibly impressive, sometimes we just want to turn back the clock and play some of our old… View Article

Bloodborne Review

“You Have Died” Words that have forever burned themselves on my TV screen and retinas. You will see these three words many many times during your playthrough of Bloodborne. Are you the kind of gamer that thinks games today are too easy? Too much hand-holding? Boss fights not challenging enough even at the highest difficulty levels?… View Article