Transcend DrivePro 130 Dashcam Review

Transcend’s line of DrivePro dash cameras are some of the most affordable in the market, with price tags all below the Php10,000 mark. We previously reviewed one of the company’s entry-level dash cameras the DrivePro 110 (read our review here). And now we’re taking a look the DrivePro 130, a dash camera that sits in the middle of the company’s entry-level DrivePro 110 and full-featured DrivePro 230.

The DrivePro 130 is ostensibly the slightly more capable brother of the DrivePro 110 and are almost identical in every way. The DrivePro 130 still keeps the same design and black color of the DrivePro 110 and also keeps many of its features and specifications. It’s still powered by the same 2-megapixel Sony imaging sensor and also features a 130-degree f/2.0 aperture lens, a 2.4-inch color LCD display, an emergency recording button, a built-in battery, a G-sensor, and up to 1080p recording capability.

Due to this, the recording quality of the DrivePro 130 is pretty much identical to the DrivePro 110, with the same sets of strengths and weaknesses. The videos and photos of the DrivePro 130 are impressively clear and are able to capture small and important details such as a car’s plate number up to a certain distance. Nighttime footage is also impressive with the DrivePro 130, with cars still easily visible although certain details are much harder to distinguish as opposed to daytime footage.

Just like the DrivePro 110, the DrivePro 130 also comes with a suction mount, a car adapter, as well as a 16GB Transcend microSD card (check out our unboxing article here) so users will be able to install and start using the dash cam quickly and easily. Users will no longer need to purchase any other items to begin using the DrivePro 130, save for those who want to hardwire the dash cam to their car’s internal electronic wiring.

The DrivePro 130 and DrivePro 110 also share most of the same features such as a snapshot function, time-lapse recording, a headlight reminder, a driver fatigue alert, and more. Truthfully, the only feature that sets the DrivePro 130 apart from its more affordable sibling is its Wi-Fi feature and compatibility with the Transcend mobile app, which also makes the difference between the two dash cameras quite large when usage and convenience is considered.

The Wi-Fi function and accompanying app allows users to quickly and conveniently transfer recordings from the camera to their smartphones. This makes it significantly easier for users to store, view, and send their recordings. User will no longer need to either remove the dash cam from their automobile and connect it directly to their computers or remove the included microSD card and attach it to a card reader to retrieve their recordings. They can simply connect to the camera via Wi-Fi.

The accompanying app of the Transcend DrivePro 130 is fairly simple and easy to use. It allows you to not only retrieve your recordings from the dash cam, it also allows you to view what’s currently being recorded by it as well as change the camera’s array of settings directly from the app. While the app could be improved much more, with the addition of more features, it does its core function fairly well. It must be noted though that like many apps, your experience may vary depending on your mobile device.



The DrivePro 130, much like the DrivePro 110, is a great and affordable dash camera and is great for those who want the features and capabilities of the DrivePro 110 but also want the addition of the Wi-Fi feature, which we believe is well worth the relatively small difference in price. In spite of the higher price tag though, the DrivePro 130 is still priced below Php6,000 which still makes it incredibly affordable for a dash cam with its capabilities and features. Those looking for their first dash cam and are willing to spend a bit more for the Wi-Fi feature will definitely not go wrong with the DrivePro 130.