Turning Dreams to Reality: Introducing the WonderLand in Roseon World

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The term "metaverse" has been around way back in 1992 – first used by author Neal Stephenson in his novel "Snow Crash." The term is coined to describe something as "beyond reality." A metaverse is often mixed with virtual reality in movies and media, but the two are not necessarily the same. An advanced metaverse can be a 3D world providing users a creative space for their content while providing various activities and experiences focused on social interactions.

With our belief in its immense social and financial potential, we are delighted to announce the latest innovation to our ecosystem – Roseon WonderLand. A fantasy-filled metaverse where users can socialize, experience virtual rides, play games, and enjoy WonderApp’s features.


Roseon World's Ecosystem
Roseon World’s Ecosystem

Access to Roseon Features

Roseon WonderLand is a fantasy-filled world that allows users to access the app or Wonderapp’s ecosystem including:

Engage-to-Earn (E2E) Rewards

  • Farming / Saving
  • Launch Pad
  • Games – Spin2Win and Zombie Warrior
  • Swap & Bridge
  • NFT Gallery & Marketplace

For encourage loyalty within our ecosystem, users within the app can earn Rose points by:

  • Playing and winning stages in our thrilling Zombie Warrior and other upcoming games.
  • Purchasing and acquire NFTs, including metaverse land with unique real estate.
  • Leveling up your Roseon avatar with tools and custom accessories.
  • Participating in exciting activities such as Daily Check-ins, Spin2win and Lucky Draws.
  • Staking or Farming your tokens or NFTs.

The Rose points you’ve earned gives you a chance to win massive rewards, acquire NFT assets, get whitelist spots on the launchpad, earn partnered token rewards and participate in the airdrops within our metaverse. These NFT assets include, but are not limited to game characters, wearable accessories, and item upgrades. By their nature, NFTs can have rarities and are transferable via trade within our ecosystem.

WonderLand Metaverse: Next Level Social Interaction

A metaverse is not solely created by its developers. It is a combined contribution of everyone, including consumers, creators, and businesses participating within the metaverse. Roseon WonderLand provides the following features to our users to level-up their social interactions within the metaverse:

  • Customizing your avatars with the specialized earned or purchased accessories;
  • Socializing and chatting with fellow Roseonians;
  • Owning land and earning with P2E;
  • Adventuring in the castle and searching for random NFT assets;
  • Trading your digital assets and showcasing your personal NFT accessories;
  • Displaying your avatars will be status-driven based on different factors, including the VIP levels.

Watch the background story of Roseon WonderLand [Watch video]

WonderLaunch: The Community’s Launchpad

WonderLaunch is a web-based community voted launchpad wherein users would have access to projects without having to mind $ROSN holdings or VIP tiers. Instead, to participate in the IAOs (In App Offering), users only need to stake specific $ROSN to the project of their choice.

ROADMAP: Roseon World

Roseon World's Roadmap in 2022
Roseon World’s Roadmap in 2022

Roseon launched last June 2021 but has achieved so much during its first year. We have reached 50k+ active users on WonderApp and a total community size of 80k+ members. The developments pushed the evolution of our offering from being a bridge between CeDeFi features to becoming a one-stop solution for all crypto-investment needs. Our product line expanded to having a mobile-first launchpad – RoseonPad that held 20+ successful sales. We have also started offering mini-games – Spin2Win and Zombie Warriors where users can earn Rose Points and other tokens.

This year we are working towards NFT integration on WonderApp, release of our 3rd game – Goblins Attack, and of course, our major project – the Roseon WonderLand metaverse.


AlphaBatem is a metaverse technology platform enabling the next generation of virtual worlds and NFT games. Their cutting edge technology provides users with a feature-rich and immersive metaverse experience. For developers, they provide all of the SDK’s and API’s required to build an ideal metaverse experience, whether that is for a NFT game, live mass-multiplayer events or your own virtual world.

Roseon has been acting as AlphaBatem’s incubator, and the two teams have been closely coordinating since AlphaBatem’s inception. AlphaBatem provides the core protocol & service that enables the creation of WonderLand through its extensive product suite. This includes but is not limited to their Drag & Drop (no coding required) Metaverse Builder, Augmented Reality Wearables, Hyper-Targeted Advertising, and Cross-Chain NFT import.


Roseon WonderApp was developed with the goal to simplify DeFi, GameFi and NFT opportunities for everyone. The team strongly believes that what it has lined up for WonderLand will be an extension of this principle. Roseon WonderLand aims to set the benchmark for integrating traditional crypto with the emerging engage-to-earn opportunities by providing a compelling and enjoyable experience wandering the Roseon metaverse.

Roseon World has just started its journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. We are on a mission.


Roseon World is the entire ecosystem covering Roseon’s developments in simplifying our users’ crypto journey. Our one-stop solution to all crypto needs is accessible via mobile or web (WonderApp), and soon, with our very own metaverse (WonderLand). Our intuitive but user-friendly UI eases the adoption of newcomers to our ecosystem.

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