Tradelite Solutions GmbH announces successful completion of its Business Angel Round

Financial Entertainment: The world’s first game development platform that connects real-world finance and live stock market data with video games

Germany´s most successful video game entrepreneur Heiko Hubertz becomes a shareholder

On-boarded first customers from the US and Europe

MUNICH, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tradelite Solutions GmbH ("Tradelite") has successfully concluded a new funding round of nearing 18% of the subscribed capital against cash contribution. Company shares were offered to selected business angels who add strategic value to further company development. As Tradelite’s founders originate from the fintech scene, it was important to win investors from the world of video games. For example, Heiko Hubertz, founder of Bigpoint and Whow Games, Germany’s most successful game entrepreneur, has become a shareholder in Tradelite Solutions GmbH.

Tradelite connects the world of video games with the world of finance. To make this possible, Tradelite has developed its own game development platform, the Financial Entertainment (FE) Platform. Game developers consume comprehensive historical and live financial market or product data in the form of game mechanics via the FE Platform, and create a wide variety and genre of games. Tradelite and partner game developers are focusing on casual games that supports the learning of financial knowledge, the improvement of financial skills and the exciting interactions with real market developments within highly entertaining game loops.

As an API-based game platform that brings financial data into games, Tradelite is complimentary to existing game engines such as Unity. The first batch of Tradelite FE games are developed with Unity in conjunction with Tradelite.

As a Gaming SaaS company, Tradelite is not restricted by industry nor geographic regulations and can therefore offer its products and services globally. Following initial market communications, Company received inquiries and interests from all over the world. Prior to planned market launch, Tradelite has on-boarded its first customers from the US and Europe. Games developed on the FE platform can be used by financial service providers for customer acquisition, education and engagement; by financial publishers to increase ARPU (average revenue per user); or by game publishers to expand the range of offering.

Tracy Chang, founder and CEO of Tradelite Solutions commented: "I would like to thank our investors for their trust and the successful execution of our Business Angel Round. It proved that we, the founders, are not the only ones who believe in the powerful connection between the game world and financial world. In addition to the actual capital, it was important for us to receive further strategic impetus from our business angels to open up the growing market of currently three billion video gamers worldwide to the topic of finance and the stock market."


Tradelite’s vision is to make complex financial knowledge easily accessible and enjoyable for billions of people by integrating real-world financial data and interactions into video games. Tradelite is revolutionizing the user experience of financial services. Tradelite invented a Financial Entertainment Platform for which a global patent is pending.

This platform enables game developers to bring their creativity and user-centric approach to the financial world. Financial service providers, digital publishers, FinTechs, EdTechs can offer fun and useful games to their customers to promote financial inclusion, improve financial literacy and strengthen the value of customer relationship through meaningful interactions.

The company was founded in 2020 by Tracy Chang, Matthias Kröner (founder of DAB Bank and Fidor Bank) and Uwe Franke, who have already successfully offered innovative concepts and customer-centric solutions in the FinTech segment.

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