The Puzzles & Survival x Discovery Channel World Oceans Day Themed Commercial is Now Live

GUANGZHOU, China, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In line with BLANCOZONE’s solidarity with global efforts to protect the planet on which we live, Puzzles & Survival, a post-apocalyptic Match-3 mobile strategy game published by 37GAMES, is playing host to a timed event known as "Ocean Defense." The debut of this event on the smash-hit, match-three, 4X mobile strategy game on June 7th will coincide with World Oceans Day, an international event oriented towards fostering public interest in the sustained management of one of our most precious natural resources. Furthermore, an all-new commercial for this event is also available globally. 



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This event will place human activities such as overfishing and ocean dumping at the forefront, with a horrifying mutation of marine habitats forcing survivors to rally against mutated ocean creatures. Moreover, the hefty rewards awaiting those who manage to protect our homeland, including an ocean-themed sanctuary skin, will only further drive the determination of those otherwise doomed to either death or a life lived in purgatory.

In the meantime, as a precursor to this event, players can redeem the gift code "pnsocean" to attain some free supplies or else download the game via the link below. Spread the word and join Puzzles & Survival’s bid to save our oceans now!


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