Maxion Announces the Launch of Ragnarok Landverse on 20 September 2023


Maxion Announces the Launch of Ragnarok Landverse on 20 September 2023
Maxion Announces the Launch of Ragnarok Landverse on 20 September 2023

Maxion has officially announced the launch date of its upcoming free-to-play WEB3 MMORPG, Ragnarok Landverse! Players across Southeast Asia (excluding Thailand & Indonesia), South America, MENA, India, Africa, and Oceania will be able to embark on a new grand adventure into the Rune Midgart continent on September 20 at 14:00 GMT+8. Get ready for a heart-pounding experience that will keep you enthralled!

A Fresh Perspective to the Classic MMORPG

A twist to the classic MMORPG Ragnarok Online (RO), Ragnarok Landverse showcases elements that enhance the players’ experience. Featuring the incorporation of blockchain along with new and revamped systems like hybrid PK system, mining features and many more, Ragnarok Landverse brings players a novel experience while capturing the essence of nostalgia for many RO fans.

Forge Your Path with over 300,000 Pre-Registrants in the World of Midgard!

Pre-registration for Landverse is still ongoing, and players can still pre-register before the game launch! Ragnarok Landverse has amassed over 300,000 pre-registrations till date, and exciting pre-registration rewards will be given out to all players after game launch, along with exciting launch events!

Obtain Exclusive Items from Purchasable NFT Pre-Sale Packs!

NFT Pre-Sale Packs are still available for purchase, and players can seize this opportunity to purchase NFT Pre-sale Packs while it lasts! Get exclusive costumes and in-game titles along with a generous amount of Moonstone Points, Adamantine Blessing and more when you purchase NFT Pre-sale Packs, available only until September 19th, 23:59 (GMT +8)!

Limited Land Sale Available for Heaps of Benefits!

Only 100 Lands are going up for sale, while stocks last! For a price of 3,000 ION, landlords will receive a huge range of landlord benefits such as earning Adamantine tokens and increasing stamina – two essential game resources in Ragnarok Landverse! Land sales are ongoing only while stocks last, so don’t miss out and grab them now while they are still available!

To receive information on the launch of Ragnarok Landverse and for more details on upcoming events and updates, don’t forget to check out Ragnarok Landverse’s official website, Facebook and Discord. The countdown to the launch of Ragnarok Landverse starts now!

About Ragnarok Landverse

Ragnarok Landverse is a PC game that incorporates elements of the classic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, with added blockchain features like the mining system, land system and NFT marketplace.  Ragnarok Landverse promotes a player-driven economy and incentivizes players who progress in-game.

Stay tuned to upcoming events and updates!

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MAXION PTE. LTD. is established in 2023 to publish official Ragnarok Landverse in global.