MapleStory Universe Pre-Launch Campaign — ‘MapleStory Universe: The Genesis’ Begins on June 24

  • Official website renewed as ‘MapleStory Universe: The Genesis Web,’ providing tangible contents including Quest, Dressroom and more
  • Various events prepared to strengthen the core value of Contribution-Reward Experience
  • Pre-test rewards to be provided for the winners of Dressroom event

SEOUL, South Korea, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MapleStory Universe: The Genesis campaign is now live, aiming to build a community-based ecosystem during its pre-launch phase.

NEXPACE has announced the launch of MapleStory Universe: The Genesis (MSU: The Genesis) and the renewal of its official website, now known as MapleStory Universe: The Genesis Web (MSU: The Genesis Web).

The core value of MSU: The Genesis is a contribution-reward experience, fostering a community that will serve as the foundation of the MapleStory Universe ecosystem. Alongside the website, an official Discord channel opened on June 17 to support this community-building effort.

Key Campaign Features:

  1. MapleStory Universe Quest (MSU Quest, June 24 Onwards):
    • Users can earn points by completing quests available on the MSU: The Genesis Web.
    • Activities include visiting the official website, joining Discord, following on Twitter, solving Quizzes and more.
    • High points can be earned by actively participating in onetime and repetitive quests such as:
      • Log into MSU: The Genesis Web for 14 days
      • Save character in the MSU Dressroom
      • Repost @MaplestoryU X post
      • Read @MaplestoryU Medium article
    • Details on how to use accumulated points will be revealed in Q3.
  2. Dressroom Event:
    • As a part of the MSU Quest, Dressroom event will take place on the MapleStory Universe Official X.
    • It offers rewards for the pre-test, scheduled in the second half of the year.

For more information about the MSU Quest and Dressroom events, visit the official website, join the official Discord, or follow the official X.

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[About NEXPACE] 

NEXPACE is an IP-expanding project based on blockchain technology that utilizes NFTs. The goal of NEXPACE is to bring creators and users together, fostering an innovative games community where members can experience various games and content developed by other members. With its blockchain technology, NEXPACE provides transparent and secure services, encouraging creators to freely express their ideas while users enjoy these fresh inventions. This represents the philosophy and ambition of NEXPACE.

[About MapleStory Universe] 

MapleStory Universe is the first project to be serviced on NEXPACE. As a Virtual Worlds ecosystem established based on Nexon’s world’s famous IP, MapleStory Universe utilizes NFTs to create various tangible and intangible enhancements to the games experience. MapleStory Universe is committed to lowering the barriers to entry for blockchain technology, making it easily accessible for everyone to participate in and experience the world of blockchain.