Korean Game Company, Sotem Mobile’s Lord of Dragons (LOD: Lord of Dragons) to venture into the P2E market

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sotem Mobile’s brand-new title, Lord of Dragons (LOD: Lord of Dragons) is set to launch as early as January 2023, adding the latest tile to the company’s solid track record of 20 years of successfully developing and publishing games like Dragon-raja, Dragonica, and many others.

P2E games simply indicate games that users can expect gains through playing the game itself. In-game assets acquired via playing the game can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, then trade for fiat currency at various exchanges.

The number one purpose for the entire existence of the game is to provide ‘fun’ to the audience who are playing the game while relieving stress from their daily lives. Unfortunately, players have been witnessing simple, boring, sub-part quality games flooding the market.

Sotem Mobile’s latest title, Lord of Dragons, is about to change this trend once and for all. Development studio has a solid track record of publishing successful games such as "Dragon-raja", "Dragonica", and many more. This time, the studio proudly presents its Full 3D MMORPG, LOD, after 2 years in development.

LOD’s prime strengths can be witnessed at its in-game economy, where all manners of assets are tokenized. Users not only require spending tokens on NFTs but also to buy consumables or other types of items in an in-game environment.

This aspect sets LOD apart from other types of casual P2E games, where the in-game economy and ecosystem are much more complex while offering various opportunities for users. LOD’s in-game economy is comprised of a ‘dual-token economy’, and perhaps it is the very first P2E MMORPG that truly fits in such a category.

Dual economic system creates a healthy P2E economic circulation. The LORT utility token will prime the gaming ecosystem, while LOGT will be used as a utility but predominantly for stabilization.

Players would be able to have their first hands-on at the game as early as January 2023 as Sotem Mobile’s works towards LOD’s global launch.

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