Kingdom Heroes 8 English version coming soon! Iconic features you need to know

TAIPEI, April 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kingdom Heroes is a classic IP series that was R&D by USERJOY for score years, which hits 4,000,000 sales until now and the squeal Kingdom Heroes 8 English version will be recently released on Steam. In 2021 January, Kingdom Heroes 8 entered the weekly sales top 4 and now breakthrough 300,000 sales in a month. This classic playing method accumulated a huge number of regular players afterward. Let’s have a look at the features that you should know before starting this game!

Inherit and breakthrough the classic

Kingdom Heroes 8 goes on the classic strategic playing method as the previous pieces. It greatly improved the visual quality to present a wide and sophisticated map while inheriting the horizontal scrolling screen environment.

Reappearing the stage of The Records of the Three Kingdoms

The vast map reproduces where the story takes place particularly. Not only random events but also new elements are added to let people fight and explore freely in an opening explore the environment.

Magnificent army with thousands of men and horses

Players can enjoy fighting thousands with various special arms on the battlefield. A dazzling visual can be provided with retaining the horizontal scrolling operation.


Special skills with general’s stratagem

Controlling multiple generals finely will be possible in this generation. The generals’ unique skills have also been remade, all well-known generals own their magnificent ascend animation and a unique skill close up.

Multi-dimensional growing system

Title, equipment, divine weapon, war steed, designation, etc. are in one’s Officers Growing system. We have simplified the domestics and added a Minister system. Uniting domestics in the previous piece to automate the operation, adding the Stronghold Ancillary Building system to endow the forces with different attributes and features give the game enrichments.

Kingdom Heroes 8’s R&D team strives to strike a balance between classical and innovation. We would like to present a piece which is different from the past with the aim of bestowing our players a better game experience.

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