Gaming giant Gravity Game Vision partners with global fintech EBANX to enhance the ‘Ragnarok Origin: Roo’ experience in Latin America

The partnership of the South Korean gaming giant and the leading payments company specializing in rising markets aims to redefine Latin America’s gaming landscape with enhanced payment solutions and modernized gameplay experience

CURITIBA, Brazil, HONG KONG and SEOUL, South Korea, April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gravity Game Vision, the South Korean gaming giant Hong Kong Branch, announced today a strategic partnership with EBANX, a global technology company specializing in payments for rising markets, to elevate the gaming experience of Ragnarok Origin: ROO in Latin America.

The partnership strategically aligns the two companies’ strengths to provide an immersive and seamless experience – including in the payment stage – for Latam players, starting in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. Customers in those countries will be able to pay for Ragnarok Origin: ROO Online with local payment options such as e-wallets, instant payments like the Brazilian Pix, account-based transfers, and cash-based methods, besides debit and credit cards.

Latin America’s digital commerce market as a whole will nearly double in size from 2024 to 2026, when it will reach US$944 billion in total value, according to Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence’s (PCMI) data in Beyond Borders 2024 study, by EBANX. The rapid growth is a large opportunity for the gaming vertical: there are 420 million gamers across the region – a higher number than in North America, for instance, according to Statista – and growing at three times the global average, per data from Newzoo.

Brazil and Mexico are the two largest gaming markets in the LatAm region, while in Chile, gaming is the second fastest-growing vertical in digital commerce, expected to accelerate almost 21% per year until 2026, according to data from PCMI. Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay are all expected to have a CAGR of more than 20% and near to 30%.

As a global fintech company specializing in localized payment solutions, EBANX plays a crucial role in connecting Gravity Game Vision with the diverse and growing consumer base in Latin America.

"EBANX’s extensive knowledge and regional presence position it as a key facilitator for the collaboration. As Gravity Game Vision, our commitment is ultimately to the gaming experience for players in Latin America. In our case, through local payment solutions that reflect the consumer behavior in LatAm and that help Gravity Game Vision to offer the best options to their Latin customers," stated Wei Duan, Head of APAC at EBANX, about the partnership.

In the gaming industry context in Latin America, the significance of alternative payment methods (APMs) is as high as cards. Alternatives such as e-wallets, instant payments, cash-based methods, and account-based transfers were responsible for nearly 50% of the total value transacted online in the digital goods vertical in LatAm in 2021, per PCMI. A balance between cards and solutions like these is needed to enable a broader audience in LatAm’s markets to participate in the gaming ecosystem.

The improvements introduced in Ragnarok Origin: Roo and the integration of modern, local payment methods through EBANX’s platform reflect a shared commitment to enhancing the gaming experience. The partnership is poised to bring a new level of convenience and accessibility to gamers in the LatAm region, fostering a stronger connection between the gaming community and the evolving landscape of the Latin American market.


Gravity Game Vision was founded in 2022 based on a corporation in the Hong Kong region, with the aim of publishing online and mobile games. GGV represents several games, including one of the most beloved IPs by gamers around the world, Ragnarok. In addition, GGV also supports Gravity Communications, a Taiwanese regional company of Gravity, to provide the best service in Hong Kong and Macau.


Ragnarok Origin: ROO, a sequel to the beloved classic RO, officially developed and operated by Gravity, is about to launch in Latin America and North America.

Ragnarok Origin maintains the classic features of Ragnarok Online, which first graced the gaming world in 2000, It also introduces new content and systems to engage both veteran players and newcomers. After having a successful debut in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia regions, Ragnarok Origin: ROO is specifically tailored for players in Latin America and North America. For brave adventurers interested in exploring this new journey, prepare to reconnect with old friends and forge new alliances in a world that has captivated hearts for years.

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EBANX is the leading payment platform connecting global companies with customers from one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the world. The company was founded in 2012 in Brazil with the mission of giving people access to buy in international digital commerce. With powerful proprietary technology and infrastructure, combined with in-depth knowledge of the markets where it operates, EBANX enables global businesses to connect with hundreds of payment methods in different countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. EBANX goes beyond payments, increasing sales, and fostering seamless purchase experiences for businesses and clients.

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